Raging Grannies WOWW is a chapter (known as a "gaggle") of the International Raging Grannies. What does WOWW stand for? Each of us will decide for herself. Some like "Wild Old Women of Westchester." Maybe it's "Whatever Outfits we Want to Wear."
Our activities take place in towns in the Lower Hudson Valley, north of New York City. We invite you to join with us, so please look at our Invitation Page.
We write and perform song parodies. Like most Raging Grannies, we share songs with other gaggles and adapt them to local issues or update them to apply to changes in the world around us. We revise constantly, which is why we don't try to memorize our songs. Hundreds of Raging Grannies songs can be found at http://raginggrannies.net

In the tradition of Raging Grannies worldwide, we wear eye-catching clothes.
When we show up at a rally or demonstration, people notice us, then watch, then listen. We use humor and satire to challenge their assumptions and open their minds. Some put us in the ancient tradition of "holy fools" and "sacred clowns" whose unconventional behavior challenges accepted norms. Most of all, we represent the strong, wise, older women who advised, mediated and fought for what was right. Belief in the Divine Grandmothers is ancient and runs through all societies. The Celts believe that Kali-The-Crone had the power to create their mountain ranges. The Druids believe that the souls of old wise women live on in trees. The Iroquois teach that the Woman who fell down from the sky was the Mother of All. (adapted from an essay by Rose DeShaw of the Kingston (Ontario, Canada) Raging Grannies; full text at http://raginggrannies.org/philosophy)
For the "herstory" of the Raging Grannies who began their work in 1987 Canada in the city of Victoria in the province of British Columbia, go to http://raginggrannies.org/herstory

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We often sing at rallies, protests, demonstrations, and the like, but we are also invited to sing by other groups and individuals. If you'd like us to sing for your organization or rally, please e-mail

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