We invite women everywhere to join us in Westchester County. There are no age limits, and you need not be grandmothers, or even mothers. We can't require musical ability because some of us would have to resign immediately. We welcome good strong voices. Women who play guitar or other portable instruments will be greeted with enthusiasm.

Women who have a way with words can help us improve our lyrics. We use song sheets to avoid memorizing lyrics because we revise almost on a daily basis to keep songs up to date.

We value imagination and creativity, along with a passionate commitment to peace, justice, and taking care of Mother Earth. Spontaneity and flexibility help us respond to issues and events that arise unexpectedly.

We will decide when and where to meet as our gaggle forms, accommodating as many Grannies as we can, hoping to make meetings convenient for all. To keep meetings short and infrequent, we will conduct business by e-mail as much as possible. We hope to acquire an accessible meeting space.
Do you have questions?

Q. How do I contact Raging Grannies WOWW?

A. Send e-mail to peaceandjustice@raginggrannieswoww.org
Q. How do I contact the gaggle by phone?

A. Sorry, you can't call us until you have met us.

Q. What if I don't use e-mail?

A. Write a note, including your phone number, to:
WOWW Armer
221 Cleveland Drive
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

We will find ways to enable you to participate without e-mail, though we encourage all Raging Grannies to become comfortable with the internet.
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