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We are dedicated to shutting down the Indian Point nuclear power plant. We often attend public meetings, where our lyrics are entered in official transcripts. We were proud to find Raging Grannies cited as critics of nuclear energy who must be resisted. A presentation given in 2008 to would-be nuclear industry employees is available online with photos of two gaggles and the lyrics to our song about Indian Point. The presentation gave an assignment to would-be nuclear industry employees: create posters or other media to advance the industry. Later, they are told to test their messages. One of three criteria they must meet: Do they pass the "Grandma test"?
We've gotten lots of comments on our song about the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY.
From a local anti-nuclear activist:
"It may seem silly, but your humorous and entertaining contribution to the meeting probably did more to counterbalance all the paid-for supporters of Indian Point than any of the formal comments. And it was wonderful for the media. Your performance was the only time the entire room was completely hushed."
From another local anti-nuclear activist:
"I will send you the dates of the forthcoming meetings shortly. I hope that the Grannies can come to all of them. It was the best part of the evening."
It was a terrible picture, so we did edit it a little bit.
The second page has this picture of Grannies at a hearing held by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The headline: "The critics exploit latent fears." The text: "The Raging Grannies of Westchester County advocate against nuclear power and entertain." We don't really entertain but it was nice of them to say so.
The next page has the text of an old version of our anti-Indian Point song, and a better picture of Westchester Grannies at a Sustainability Fair in 2008 .
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March 19, 2011: After the terrible nuclear catastrophe in Japan, we increased our efforts. Shortly after the meltdown, Raging Grannies WOWW went to Nan Hayworth's Town Hall because we read her remarks about Indian Point reported in the Journal News. She agreed evacuating 15 million people "would be a challenge" but said there's an "exceedingly remote" chance it would be necessary. She called herself a "supporter of the continued operation of Indian Point."  Why 15 million? That was the estimate of how many people would have to evacuate if Indian Point used a 50-mile radius instead of the current 10-mile radius. The NRC had told American citizens in Japan to go 50 miles from the Fukushima plant.
Her meeting was well reported by Tom Auchterlonie. http://chappaqua.patch.com/articles/grievences-support-aired-at-joint-public-meeting-of-hayworth-and-castelli
He took this photo
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Next came a confrontation with members of the NRC, who held a meeting in Westchester County. The overflowing crowd would hardly let them get a word in edgewise, but listened intently to every speaker who protested the relicensing of Indian Point, including Raging Grannies WOWW, joined by NYC Metro Raging Grannies and Their Daughters. Our photo was in Philipstown Dot Info, with the caption: "Gray Haired Ladies sing their concerns."

An editorial in Northern Westchester Examiner said: "the NRC should stand for 'No Real Credibility' since the federal agency has been nothing but Indian Point's lapdog, which the always crowd-pleasing "Raging Grannies" accurately pointed out during their musical number that even had some NRC officials entertained. Our "musical number" was "Gaggle of Grannies Protests Indian Point," which is on our song page. When we sang the line "The NRC is a lapdog to the nuclear industry," we held up a toy dog. Now, that's entertainment. If you go to http://www.theexaminernews.com/newspaper-archives and choose Northern Westchester Examiner, June 7, you can also read their coverage of the meeting.
The text referred to "three different chapters of Raging Grannies," because another Westchester gaggle sang after us. http://www.philipstown.info/ptwp/?p=14634